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Bachelor Party

What is a bachelor party?

The bachelor party is the only wedding-related event where the groom is the center of the attention? During the wedding day, the bride takes center stage? They say weddings are for women while bachelor parties are for men. So, what exactly is a bachelor party?

Definition of a bachelor party

A bachelor party is a party held for the groom shortly before he enters marriage. It is a party designed to celebrate the groom’s “last day of freedom”. In the United Kingdom, a bachelor’s party is also called a stag party or a stag weekend. Australians call it a buck’s night.

Bachelor parties are usually held by the groom’s male friends. It is a great time to spend some moments with your buddies before tying the knot. The party is usually attended by the groom’s closest male friends and a few male family members.

Bachelor parties tend to have a bad reputation. However, that is not the case as people celebrate in different ways. For example, a bachelor party for some people can be a low-key weekend in the woods by the fireside. However, the same party for others can be a wild party of drinking and having fun with the ladies. It all comes down to what the groom wants to experience before tying the knot. They are both celebrating the same thing by doing it in different ways.

Bachelor parties are considered the “last day of freedom” for the groom. It is a day where you get to spend your time with closest male friends and have one final day as a bachelor. You might not get such moments with your amigos again as you enter a new chapter in your life.

The party is usually organized by the best men and sometimes with help from a Vegas Bachelor Experience planner. The best man is typically the host and one responsible for standing in for his best friend. However, the groom needs to approve the guest list and share thoughts on what he wants to experience.

In most cases, bachelor parties are done 1-3 months before the wedding. The bride might know of the bachelor party day but the location is always a secret.

Are bachelor parties secretive?

Yes, this is why the groom approves the guest list. You need only close confidants that will keep secret of what happens at the party. Remember, some bachelor parties can be wild where the groom gets loose and explores his wildest fantasies. It is also a testing time for the groom to see if he is actually ready to leave all the fun behind and start a new chapter in his life.