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What are some of the best Hoover Dam tours?

Check out these fantastic tours to the world famous Hoover Dam, enjoy sky high flights over the Grand Canyon. Enjoy sunsets, witness a spectaular views of the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Most tours includes transportation from your hotel in a limo.

Las Vegas Hoover Dam Tours

A Complete Hoover Dam Experience
This Hoover Dam tour lives up to its name, with stops at Black Canyon, the Colorado River and of course: an insider’s look at the dam itself.

A Discovery Tour of Hoover Dam
This tour has it all: an educational trip to Hoover Dam and a visit to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens on the way back. What’s not to like?

A Grand Canyon Air Tour & Discovery Tour
Enjoy this combination tour: a drive to Hoover Dam and Dam Discovery Tour, followed by an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and a return to the dam for another view.

A Hoover Dam Express
The Hoover Dam Express Tour fits more than 75 years of history into a short two hours, and includes tours of the Dam, observation deck, intake tower and more.

Ace of Adventures
The Ace of Adventures Grand Canyon helicopter tour offers not only views of the West Rim, but also of the Mojave Desert, the Black Mountains, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Las Vegas Strip.

Black Canyon River Adventure Tour
Explore waterfalls, hot springs and other geological wonders on this fully narrated and historic tour of the Colorado River.

Colorado River Exploration Tour
Explore one of Southern Nevada’s oldest mines and travel the path of early settlers on this unique Las Vegas tour of Eldorado Valley and the Colorado River.

Golden Eagle
Short on time? This one-hour helicopter tour offers spectacular, up-close views above and below the Grand Canyon rim.

Grand Canyon Escape Tour
On this helicopter tour, get an aerial view of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on your way to explore the Grand Canyon’s west rim. Tour includes transportation from your hotel in a limousine.

Grand Canyon Picnic
On this helicopter tour, fly into the depths of the Grand Canyon, the incredible wonder Mother Nature created. Enjoy a champagne picnic while admiring views of the glorious canyon rim.

Grand Canyon Sunset Tour
Descend below the Grand Canyon rim by helicopter and take in a spectacular sunset as you enjoy a champagne picnic. Tour includes transportation from your hotel in a limo.

Grand Canyon VIP Mini Coach Tour
This South Rim tour takes you to picturesque locations including Hoover Dam, historic Route 66 and the Grand Canyon’s scenic South Rim.

Grand Canyon West Rim Classic
This West Rim SUV tour includes views of Mojave Desert as well as stops at Joshua Tree and Colorado River. Upon arrival, enjoy the nature of the West Rim, home to the Hualapai Tribe.

Grand Celebration
This helicopter tour features bird’s eye-views of the Grand Canyon, Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Black Mountains and Grand Wash Cliffs. Total flight time is one hour, 10 minutes.

Hoover Dam Classic
The Hoover Dam Classic Tour offers ample time for exploring this National Historic Landmark and engineering wonder of the world.

Hoover Dam Top to Bottom Tour
This Hoover Dam tour offers an inside look with live presentations and a tour through the exhibit gallery and observation deck. This tour also includes a raft ride on the Colorado River.

Hoover Dam VIP Tour
This Hoover Dam experience includes the amazing Discovery Tour, a guided tour of the interior and exterior of the incredible structure and a look at historic Boulder City.

Hoover Dam and River Rafting Tour
Enjoy a peaceful ride down the river, a picnic by the beach and a trip to the Hoover Dam all in the same day.

King of Canyons
This unique helicopter tour touches down for a Champagne toast at the bottom of the Grand Canyon before returning for a spin above the Las Vegas Strip.

King of Canyons – Sunset Flight
This unique helicopter tour touches down for a Champagne toast at the bottom of the Grand Canyon before returning to view the spectacular sunset above the Las Vegas Strip.

Lake Mead Cruise and Hoover Dam Discovery
Start the day with an insider’s tour of Hoover Dam, then take a relaxing tour of lovely Lake Mead aboard a three-level paddle wheeler.

Lake Mead Desert Princess Sightseeing
Daytime on Lake Mead gives passengers a chance to enjoy the full beauty of the area. Your ride aboard the Desert Princess will be an adventure to remember.

Rafting Tour
Experience the Grand Canyon with a little adventure thrown in. When you return from the canyon, you’ll board a river raft for a float down the Colorado River.

Silver Cloud
This air-only tour will take you flying above sights in the West such as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, with a cruise over the Strip thrown in.

Sunset Escape Tour
Enjoy a breathtaking flight over the Grand Canyon. During sunset, witness a bird’s-eye view of the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Tour includes transportation from your hotel in a limo.

The Twilight Tour
This helicopter flight includes views of Hoover Dam, downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience and the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Tour includes limo transportation.

West Rim and Hoover Dam Combo Tour
See one of the Southwest’s most spectacular sights, the Grand Canyon, and make a stop at one of engineering’s greatest feats, the Hoover Dam, on this tour.

Wind Dancer
Fly over several scenic sights on your way to the Grand Canyon, where you’ll land and have time to explore the canyon floor. On the way back, fly over the Strip.

Wind Dancer Sunset
The Wind Dancer Sunset tour flies over Lake Mead and into the Grand Canyon. At sunset, you’ll exit the canyon and view the Bowl of Fire and the Strip.